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BioSys Power 2550

Degreaser for biological systems


The product is used for degreasing and cleaning of various types of hard surfaces, e.g. prior to phosphating, painting or galvanic surface treatment, where it is necessary to remove and emulsify oil and grease. BioSys Power 2550 can also be used for electrolytic degreasing.


BioSys Power 2550 is a solvent-free, alkaline degreasing agent for metals. It has a highly efficient cleaning effect over a wide temperature range 25-50°C.

Application methods

BioSys Power 2550 is developed for dipping processes.

Degreasing Capacity

The biological system gives you a degreasing bath with long life, since large amounts of oil, grease and pigments are broken down by the bacteria in the treatment bath.


BioSys Power 2550 is a low alcaline degreaser. Operating bath has a pH of 9.0 to 9.4

Biological degreasing system in operation

BioSys Power 2550 contains special components that provide optimal conditions for bacteria to thrive. Consequently, degreasing bath have a long life. The bacteria consume the oil an d fat. The more oil that ends up in the bath, the more active the bacteria. Organic substances can thus be significantly reduced, although large amounts of oil ends up in the bath. The amount of oil and fat can be as low as 100-500 mg per liter. Transfer of pollutants to subsequent baths thereby minimized. Sludge is removed contains only small amounts of oil and grease. The constituents of BioSys Power 2550 has been chosen to avoid problems with chelating agents in subsequent rinsing bath, which might be in your own waste water treatment plant.Normally a rinse is not necessary. A typical working solution is prepared by diluting one part of concentrate to 20 parts of water. The composition and condition of the bath is determined by analysis and measurement of degreasing capacity by sending a sample to Recyclean Systems AB

Environment and health data

BioSys Power 2550 is phosphate-free and contains only a few additives, mainly surfactants, sodium metasilicate and salts in a combination that is not harmful to the environment. All ingredients have been tested and documented, both separately and in combination. Excerpts from these tests are available upon request. The product has a strong degreasing action on the skin and therefore thorough rinsing in running water is necessary for the concentrate if in contact with the skin. Otherwise, the product is not harmful, corrosive or flammable. The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the biodegradability criteria of Regulation (EC) No.648 / 2004 on detergents.

Storage and handling

BioSys Power in 2550, is a concentrated liquid and should be stored in a heated space. If spilled on floor the product is very slippery and you should rinse with water to avoid the risk of accidents. The product is supplied in 1000 l containers, 200 l drums or 25 liter plastic drums.

Physical and chemical properties

BioSys Power 2550 is a liquid mixture of surfactants of environmentally friendly character.

  • Appearance: 25°C Light yellow
  • liquid Density: 25°C, 1053g/cm³
  • Ready point range: 20-39°C
  • Flash point: incombustible
  • pH (conc): 12.9
  • Viscosity: 25°C 10mns
  • Surface tension: 10% solution 30.3 mN (Du Nouy)
  • For other specifications See MSDS.

Recommended dilution

The concentrate is mixed with water, 2-5% for normally contaminated objects, 5-10% for heavily contaminated objects.