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BioSys ACD

Acid degreaser for hot dip galvanizing

An effective acid degreaser which does the job without neutralizing the pickling acid.

BioSys ACD is designed for use in hot dip galvanizing processes where you want a degreaser but where it lacks a space for a rinse. The product has a good degreasing power and represent a combination of degreasing and pickling.

Biosys ACD is working in a wide temperature range; 25-70°C but has the best effect at the higher temperature ranges. The sludge contains very small amounts of oil and grease. The elements have been chosen so that an intermediate rinsing step is not needed. The pickling process is accelerated by the use of BioSys ACD.

Bath composition and condition can be determined through analysis and measurement of the capacity according to the supplied instructions, or by sending a sample to our service laboratory.

Environmental and health data

Biosys ACD contains only a few additives, mainly surfactants and additives in an acidic solution classified as not dangerous for the environment. All components are tested and documented, separate and in combination. Excerpt from the tests can be sent upon request. The product is degreasing and corrosive on the skin, and skin should be flushed extensively by water if in contact with the product.

Transport and storage

Biosys ACD is a concentrated liquid that should be stored in a heated space. Any spillage causes slippery surfaces and must be rinsed off thoroughly with water in order to avoid accidents.

Physical and chemical properties

BioSys ACD is a liquid mixture of surfactants of nonion and catjion active components.

  • Appearance 25°C: fluid
  • Density: 1.14g/cm³
  • Clear interval: 20-35°C.
  • Flash Point: Non-Combustible
  • pH in 10% solution: 1.5
  • Viscosity at 25°C: l0mNs per m²
  • Surface tension: 38.3mN per m² (l03 solution, You Nouy)
  • Recommended dilution: The concentrate is mixed with water to a concentration of 10% for normally soiled objects.