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A high-efficiency low-alkaline degreaser which does the job without neutralizing pickling bath

Recyclean's BriteClean is designed for use in hot dip galvanizing processes where you have high efficiency but which lacks space for a rinsing bath. By its high efficiency the product competes successfully with such as the so-called acidic degreasing and does its job without neutralizing pickling bath.

BriteClean working in a wide temperature range; 25-70°C and having a high degreasing power on oil, grease and pigment dirt. The sludge contains very small quantities of oil and grease. The ele-ments have been chosen so that an intermediate rinse is not needed. On the contrary, benefit pick-ling process of chemicals in BriteClean. Bath composition and condition can be determined through the analysis and measurement of degreasing ability according to the supplied instructions, or by sending a sample to our service laboratory.

Environmental and health data

BriteClean contains only a few additives, mainly surfactants and additives in a combination that is not harmful to the environment. All components are tested and documented, both separate as in combination. Excerpts from these tests may be ordered. The product is strongly defatted on skin and abundant water flushing is required in case of skin contact with the concentrate. The product is otherwise not harmful, corrosive or flammable.

Storage and handling

BriteClean is a concentrated liquid that should be stored in a heated room. Any waste makes the substrate concentration and must be rinsed off thoroughly with water to avoid accidents.

Physical and chemical properties

BriteClean is a liquid mix of nonionic- and cationic components. The product is phosphate free.

  • Appearance: 25°C clear liquid
  • Density: l.05g/cm³
  • Clarity range: 20-35°C.
  • Flash point: not flammable
  • pH i 10% solution: 11,0
  • Viscosity at 25°C: 10mNs per m²
  • Surface tension: 32.3mN/m² (l03 solution, Du Nouy)
  • Dilution: the concentrate is mixed with water, with a concentration of 3-6% for normally soiled items