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Additive in flux bath for zinc melts with high aluminum content


The product is used as an additive to the flux bath in hot dip galvanizing lines when molten zinc contains high levels of aluminum.


Flux bath have to be kept at the temperature normally used in the plant.

Dosage and maintenance

BriteFlux have to be added into the flux bath during the startup of the system. The recommended starting dose is 2.5 kg/m³, for instance, 250 kg in a flux bath on 100 m³. Then dosed 1 kg/tonne of new zinc added to the zinc pot.

BriteFlux operational

BriteFlux contains components that make it possible to raise the aluminum content in the molten zinc up to 0,05% aluminum. Recommended interval is 0,028–0.035% aluminum. The molten zinc with high aluminum gets a lower viscosity and surface tension. This, in turn, lower zinc consumption mm. See product data sheet for High Aluminum Process (HAP). Aluminum contents in the pot should be determined on a regular basis so that the aluminium content is kept at the correct level. Flux bath have to be analyze about 1 time/month, see recommended parameters below.

Recommended process parameters for the flux bath

  • pH: ca. 1
  • Content of zinc chloride: Standard
  • Content of Ammonium chloride: Standard
  • Baumé range: 25–30°CBé
  • Conc. BriteFlux: 0,2–0,35g/liter

Recyclean Systems can be of service to all analyses.

Storage and handling

BriteFlux is supplied as a liquid and can be supplied in 200 liter plastic drums or 1000 liters IBC. The product should be stored in a frost-free.

Physical and chemical properties of BriteFlux

It is a liquid mixture of salts.

  • Appearance: Light yellow liquid
  • Density: 25°C 1500g/cm³
  • Flash Point: Not flammable
  • Viscosity: 25°C < 10mns.