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The product is a cromefree passivation based on inorganic components that provide a protection against white rust on zinc-plated goods. Application of the product is done by dipping. During the process a protective layer with very strong adhesion is formed that covers the surface.

Temperature Conditions

BriteSeal-bath shall be maintained at a temperature of 20-40°C. Higher temperatures for longer periods of time leads to shortened protection life.


BriteSeal can be used at a concentration of 5-15% depending on the desired protection.

BriteSeal in operation

BriteSeal contains components that make it possible to give zinc surfaces a good protection against white rust. The concentration in the bath is set to provide the desired protection. This obviously varies depending on the climate in which the goods are transported or stored in, and vary from 2 months up to 1 year. If a more prolonged protection is desired, goods can be heat treated after that the passivation had become surface dry at room temperature.
Protection layer thickness varies between 500nm and 1um depending on concentration and is therefore virtually immeasurable in layers or weight.

The bath can be mixed with tap water of good quality. The treatment tank should be carried out in plastic or stainless steel. Goods to be processed/dip can keep a temperature between 20-80 °C. The goods should be rinsed before in a water bath so that any zinc ash, flux, chlorides, etc. has been rinsed off, since these could ultimately contaminate the BriteSeal bath and influence the corrosion protection negatively.

Process parameters for the treatment bath

  • At the right dosage and active components the pH should be in the vicinity of 11.5. If the pH drops to under 11.2 concentration may need to be adjusted.
  • Contamination: in case of high contamination of zinc ash or other contaminants the bath have to be partially dumped and concentration restored.
  • Temperature 20-40°C
  • Germs: 0

Continuous analysis and recommended maintenance

To ensure all values in passivation bath and its active components are in the correct amount, a sample (1 liter of clean plastic bottle) sent to Recyclean Systems AB for analysis once a month. Storage and handling BriteSeal is supplied as a liquid in two components (A & B). Components can be delivered in 25kg plastic container, 220kg drum or 1000kg IBC.

The product should be stored frost-free.