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Closed systems for biological degreasing - Recyclean BDS

BDS is used for the efficient degreasing and cleaning of various types of metal surfaces before phosphating, painting or galvanic surface treatment. BDS can also be used for electrolytic degreasing.

The BDS process is based on a solvent-free, water-based degreasing agent for metals and plastics that replaces alkali, trichlorethylene and hydrocarbon-based solvents. In combination with Recyclean´s highly efficient rotating lamellae separator it provides an environment- friendly degreasing system with consistently high bath quality.

The BDS operates at a temperature of around 40°C and is therefore very energy efficient. The BDS system uses RecyBact bacteria to consume the oil. The more oil that is added, the more active the bacteria become. As a result the oil concentration in the bath can be greatly reduced even if large quantities are introduced. The concentration of oil and grease can be kept as low as 0,1 to 0,5 g/l. The transfer of contaminants to subsequent stages of the process is therefore- minimal.

The oldest degreasing bath is 15 years old.

BDS operates in a closed cycle, which means that quality can be maintained at a consistently high level. Because the system is closed and the oil and grease are broken down by bacteria, it produces negligible quantities of sludge.The Recyclean BDS even reduce the degreasing time with up to 50%, and for most applications, no requirement for a following rinse bath.

Separator Sizes

Model Height
BDS 10 2.015 950 1,0 650 100 90
BDS 25 2.950 1.300 2,5 1.850 250 150
BDS 50 2.950 1.900 5,0 3,700 500 150
BDS 100 2.950 2.850 10,0 7,700 900 150

In the Recyclean BDS system the following chemicals are used:
BioSys Power 2550, degreasing agent BioSys 10+, additives


The product is used for degreasing and cleaning of various types of materials before phosphatizing, painting or galvanic surface treatment, or wherever it is necessary to remove oil and grease. BioSys Power 2550 can also be used for electrolytic degreasing.


BioSys Power 2550 is a solvent-free, alkaline degreasing agent. It has a highly effective cleaning action within a temperature of approx. 30 to 60°C.

Spreading methods

BioSys Power 2550 is used for immersion and/or spraying.

Degreasing capacity

The BioSys biological system gives you a degreasing bath with a long useful life, as large quantities of oil, grease and pigment are easily emulsified.

I love to eat fat greasy oil

Pseudomonas Alcaligenes -- love to eat fat greasy oil

BioSys Power 2550

BioSys Power 2550 is available in a 1,000 litre container, 200 litre barrel or 25 litre plastic can.


BioSys Power 2550 is a degreasing agent of low alkalinity. The working solution has a pH of 9.0.

Biological degreasing system in operation

BioSys Power 2550 contains special constituents which produce optimum conditions for bacteria to thrive. Consequently, the degreasing bath will have a long useful life.

The bacteria consume oil. The more oil supplied, the more active becomes the bacteria. Biological substances can therefore be greatly reduced, even if large quantities of oil are supplied.

The amount of oil and grease can be kept as low as 0,1 to 0,5 g per litre.Transfer of impurities to subsequent baths is therefore minimised.

Sludge that is removed contains only small quantities of oil and grease. It should therefore be possible to discharge it into the municipal sewage system, or alternatively to dump it.

The constituents of BioSys Power 2550 have been so selected that there is no problem with chelating agents in subsequent rinsing bath.


Recybact consists of more than 500 different species of bacteria´s, among others Pseudomonas Alcaligenes that belongs to the most effective species in consuming oils. By adding BioSys nutrients the microbes are adapted to the specific conditions in the degreasing bath. During favourable conditions the bacteria´s will multiply very 20 minutes which make it possible to consume extensive amounts of fat, dirt and oils. The process produces CO2, water and a biomass of dead bacteria´s.