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Recy Flu Fast

Wetting agent for flux bath

The product is added to the flux bath to increase the wetting in bath and to make treatment more effective. Through increased drainage improves also the subsequent drying process.

The product provides a more homogeneous flux layer which in turn gives a better result of the galvanizing even in the areas that are normally difficult to access in a good way with flux solution.


The addition of Recy Flu Fast depends on the amount of flux salts used in the bath. The appropriate dosage is 1% of the amount of salt. The same calculation applies when you refill.

Advantage Recy Flu Fast

  • Increases the wetting of the treated surfaces
  • increased wetting allows for better drainage
  • does not affect the other treatment processes of flux bath
  • Emulsifies eventual oil drawn across from pickling
  • Extremely profitable use

Technical Data

  • Appearance: clear colorless liquid
  • Specific gravity: 1,005Kg/l
  • pH: 8+/-0,5

Bath preparation

Add the estimated amount to the flux bath during stirring. If there is too much foam it can be treated with Recy AS 120. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses.