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Recyclean FRE

System for Flux Regeneration for Hot Dip Galvanizing

FRE Makes Production Chemicals from Waste

Recyclean RPS

The flux bath is passed to a separator/rector (Recyclean RPS) which is the heart of the FRE system. The flux bath is kept free from iron constantly and automatically. The technique means lower zinc costs.

Conventional "dry processes" for hot dip galvanizing always lead to iron deposits in the flux bath. The material is transferred from the pickling to the flux process with the pickling acid. The iron transferred reacts with the zinc in the zinc chamber and forms dross. Each part of iron bonds up to 25 parts of zinc. This means unwelcome costs as this "slag product " causes higher zinc consumption. Recyclean FRE is a well-tested system for flux regeneration which keeps the flux bath constantly free from iron. At the same time, the flux bath is maintained automatically with flux salts. The system works on the principle that iron is precipitated while the chloride ions - transferred from the pickling bath - cause a reaction with the added ammonium hydrate. This leads to the formation of ammonium chloride. The used burn-off bath constitutes a raw material source for zinc chloride for the flux bath. The precipitated iron is separated in a special separator and filtered via a filter press. The technique is well tested and many reference systems are in use in Europe.

  • Produces flux agent from waste
  • Gives a constant low iron content and hence low dross formation
  • Few moving parts, simple maintenance, corrosion-resistant
  • Rational and profitable environmental technology

Process Description

The flux bath is pumped to a separator/ reactor (Recyclean RPS) which consists of a slowly rotating blade system.

In the separator the pH value is measured and ammonium hydrate added until the pH value reaches 4.8. By blowing in air and adding hydrogen peroxide, the iron is oxidised from divalent to trivalent iron which is precipitated as iron oxide/hydroxide. The precipitated iron is extracted in the separator which has an excelllent separation capacity. The iron sludge is removed from the separator via a sludge pump and pumped into a filter press where it is deposited as sludge cake with a dry content of approx. 30%. The clear phase from the filter press is returned to the flux bath via the separator. By pumping the burn-off bath to an intermediate tank from which zinc chloride/hydrochloric acid solutions can be added, zinc chloride is added to the flux bath. There it forms the basis for the flux salt together with ammonium chloride, which is formed when the chlorides transferred from the pickling bath react with the added ammonium hydrate.

Traditional Dumping

Traditional dumping with stepped regeneration: Varying iron content depending on dumping frequency

Recyclean Method

The Recyclean method: Constant iron content under 1 g/l < 1 gFe/l.

The supply includes:

  • Separator / reactor
  • Container for burn-off bath
  • pH adjustment system
  • Metering pumps for ammonium and hydrogen peroxide
  • Sludge pump and filter press
  • Automatic control unit
    (also available with computerised remote monitoring)

The Recyclean FRE system for flux generation is an important element in the total Recyclean system for hot dip galvanizing.

Technical Data


The flow over the regeneration equipment is selected so that a balance is achieved in the flux bath. This balance is affected by the structure of the pickling process, the quantity and structure of material. Naturally we will help you select suitable dimensions.

Recyclean FRE

[tonnes material/year)]
FRE 250-90002.51850
FRE 100More than 20.00010.07700

Godset får en jämn och blank yta.

The material has an even bright surface.