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Chromium-free passivation for galvanized steel


The product is a chromium-free passivation based on organic components that provide a hedge against rust on zinc-plated goods. Application of the product is done by dipping. During the process a protective layer with very strong adhesion is formed that covers the surface.

Temperature conditions

Bath should be maintained at a temperature of 20-40°C c. Higher temperature leads to lumps and abnormal consumption of Gimpass.


Gimpass can be used at a concentration of 2-10% depending on the protection as desired.

Gimpass in operation

Gimpass contains components that make it possible to give zinc surface a good protection against white rust. The concentration is set to provide the desired protection. This of course varies depending on the climate in which the goods are transported or stored and varies from 2 months up to 1 year. Protection layer thickness varies from 0.5g/m² and 2g/m². The bath must be mixed with deionized water. The treatment tank should be carried out in plastic or stainless steel. It is very important that the goods to be treated is cold, under 40°C. Ideally, the goods have been dipped in a cooling bath before so that any residue of ash has been washed away, otherwise could it contaminate the passivation bath.

Recommended process parameters of the treatment bath

The following parameters should be checked at least once per month.

  • pH: 5,0-6,0
  • Active content: 2–10%
  • Conductivity: < 10mS/cm²
  • Bacteria: 0
  • Temperature: 20-40°C

At a to high pH, adjuste the bath with Additive 7030. To reduce pH, add 0.1 units with 10-20ml additive 7030. Active content is determined simply by using a Refractor meter, index of Refractor meter = 4. Chloride content When the conductivity exceeds 6mS/cm² should you do a titration in respect of checking chloride content. To keep down the chloride content, it may be necessary to do some dumps because bath continuously administered chlorides from the goods. Bacteria measured simply with Sticks; Hygicult, Easicult or equivalent. In the presence of bacteria add BAT 7071 with 1 liter/m³ of bath.

Recyclean Systems can be of service to all analyses.

Storage and handling

Gimpass is provided as a liquid and can be supplied in 200 litre plastic drums or 1000 litre IBC. The product should be stored frost-free.