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Hot Dip Galvanizing

Recycleans closed cycle systems for hot dip galvanizing

A system that guarantees
the highest quality at minimum cost without burdening the environment
. The ability of steel to form a chemical alloy with zinc has long been recognised as a way of corrosion protection. In order to meet modern developments there are now increasing demands to make this process more efficient and environmentally friendly. The hot dip galvanizing processes developed by Recyclean is the answer to these demands. By operating a closed cycle it has been possible to reduce the consumption of zinc and other chemicals, and reduce waste costs and quantities, while also ensuring consistent quality.

The investment results in most cases in a very short pay off. An important part of this process is the efficient removal of grease, oil, particles, oxide scale and other contaminants from the steel without passivating the free iron on the surface.

scrubber, forfar scottland

Scrubber, Forfar Scottland

Biological degreasing - Influence on Zinc saving >3%.

Recyclean´s biological degreasing system is a cleaning system that removes and breaks down oil, grease and other contaminants continuously throughout the process. This means that the process bath maintains consistent high quality, since contaminants do not accumulate.

Degreasing can be done by spraying or dipping in the bath, and the temperature can be adjusted between 20° and 60°C to suit cleaning requirements.

Recyclean´s preparation system eliminates the need for expensive rinsing after degreasing because the cleaning chemical also acts as an inhibitor, binding acid emissions in the pickling bath.

The system operates excellent by low temperatures, which means reduced energy costs.

The biological degreasing system has a running costs of 25-30% compared to conventional high alkaline degreasing systems. The degreasing chemical does not contain any substances that are harmful to people or the environment.

The degreasing bath is kept in good condition by the action of bacteria that brakes down oil, grease and other contaminants in the bath. The only waste product is a concentrated sludge which consists of dead bacteria, sand, earth and other solid particles.

Activated hydrochloric acid pickling

Chemical saving ~70%. Influence on Zinc saving>4%

Recyclean´s activated pickling system produces low acid emissions and ensures rapid scale removal, while also inhibiting the solution of free iron on the steel surface.

Light pickling

Light pickling replaces the rinsingbath with its costly equipment and handling. The pickling bath has a low acid and iron chloride content. All newly added water is dosed to the light pickling. New acid is dosed together with the light pickling into the pickling bath.

Flux system

Chemical saving 80%. Influence on Zinc saving >4%

Recyclean´s preparation process also includes the use of the zinc stripping bath. Instead of sending the saturated bath solution for disposal, it is added to the flux bath. This is done when the concentration of zinc in the zinc stripping bath exceeds 200-250 grams per litre.

The free chloride ions from the zinc stripping are transferred from the pickling bath, are reacted by adding ammonia, which binds them to form zinc chloride and ammonium chloride using the chemicals already present.

The iron that is present in the zinc stripping bath and in the transferred light pickling solution is oxidised and precipitated in a separation equipment, aided by addition of hydrogen peroxide and air. This produces an iron hydroxide sludge that can be separated in the separator.

Reduced hard zinc

Recyclean´s system minimises the transfer of iron from the flux bath to the molten zinc. This greatly reduces zinc consumption, since 1 part of iron which dissolves into the zinc bath reacts with 25 parts of zinc, to form Dross. The process in the flux system has the added advantage of damping the reaction between iron and zinc which ensures low iron transfer from the workpiece to the molten zinc.

Economy and environment

Recyclean´s hot dip galvanizing system is a completely closed process that makes full use of all the chemicals in the process. By combining bio degreasing, light pickling and flux regeneration it has been possible to reduce iron contamination in the molten zinc, and this has resulted in a reduction of >10% in zinc consumption.

The system allows production to be optimised, and provides the opportunity for automatic regulation and control.

Biological degreasing and flux regenaration, Kina

Biological degreasing and flux regenaration, Kina