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Recy Inhibit C

Inhibitor for pickling bath


The product is added to pickling bath based on Hydrochloric acid to protect the free iron surfaces to be over pickled. Recy Inhibit C prevents the reaction between iron and hydrochloric acid, while at the same time speeds up the pickling of iron oxides. By using the Recy C Inhibit the goods can be left longer for pickling without being overgrazing which in turn results in a good production results.


The addition of Recy Inhibit C calculated against the amount of concentrated (32-33%) acid used in pickling bath.


We recommend an addition of 0.1% of the amount of acid required to start up a new bath. When new acid have to be added you need to add a quantity as defined above.

Recy Inhibit C:s Advantage

  • Protects the pure iron from overgrazing
  • Reducing acid consumption
  • Less acid fumes
  • Does not affect the acid regeneration
  • Profitable from day 1

Technical Data

  • Appearance: clear light yellow liquid
  • Specific gravity(20°C): 1070 g/l +/-30
  • pH of the solution: 10,5+/-0,5
  • Not subject to labelling

Bath preparation

Add the calculated amount to pickling bath during stirring. Otherwise no special measures. Use protective goggles and gloves.