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Recy No Vapor

Recy No Vapor limits the acid fumes


Product is added to the pickling bath in order to reduce the formation of acid aerosols that are formed in the pickling process. The reduction of the acid fumes have many benefits, see below.


The addition of Recy No Vapor is calculated against the amount of concentrated (32-33%) acid used in the pickling bath. We recommend addition of Recy No Vapor equivalent to 2% of the concentrated acid amount calculated for the setting of a new bath. When new acid is added the equivalent amount of Recy No Vapor should be added. Add the calculated amount of Recy No Vapor to the pickling bath under stirring.

Recy No Vapor's benefits

Recy No Vapor is not a pickling inhibitor. Recy No Vapor reduces the formation of aerosols coming from the pickling process.

  • The product reduces the corrosion on traverses and steel structures in building.
  • Decrease the load on the ventilation system
  • Gives a better wetting ability to the pickling acid
  • Reduces smell
  • Reduces "drag over" to the flux tank

Technical Data

  • Appearance: bright blue liquid
  • Specific fold (20°C): 1050g/l +/-30
  • pH in solution: 8 +/-0.5
  • Not labelling obligations