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quoteWe have received much praise for our fine/shiny quality from customers all over the world!quote

Mikael Lindh, Wibe

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So does Wibe to protect HDG goods against "white rust"!

Kabelstegar och kabelrännor

Wibe was founded in 1929 with the manufacture of cable-related material then as now in Mora at Siljans Lake shore. The company is a major employer in Mora, with its approximately 220 employees and a turnover of 350 million SEK in 2010. Wibe is since 1999 in the worldwide group Schneider Electric. The group, which has its headquarter in Paris, with over 120,000 employees and a turnover of over 17.3 billion Euros.

When we have a large export of cable-related materials such to Dubai as an example, which means sea transport between 5 to 8 weeks, must the details withstand a tough atmosphere changing, says Mikael Lindh, Quality Engineer in the company. We have previously worked with so-called WCI bags from Zerust in order to protect the goods against white rust, but the problem has been that the bags have been broken and the goods on arrival been covered out of white rust.

When the complaints and return shipments for these problems soared, we searched with candles and lamp for a secure method to protect the goods against white rust. Recyclean BioSystems AB has a partnership with the Italian company Gimeco Impianti srl, and they suggested that we should test a product called GIMPASS. This is a completely Non Chrom "passivation method" based on polymers and are also possible to put powder coating on.

Tests were done over a long period of time in the joint project between us (Wibe) and Recyclean, and products to be dipped in GIMPASS was exposed in different ways. Outdoors at different temperatures and weather conditions, indoors in the galvanizing plant close to the area of pickling solutions with hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sample shipments in containers to Dubai. When we thought that all tests were made with a number of good results, it was time to put a bath of fully scale in action. This we made in week 41, 2010. After we started to run with GIMPASS, we have not had a single complaint of GIMPASS-coated goods.

"We have received much praise for our fine/shiny quality from customers all over the world!"

In management terms, have all become much easier. Time savings at the packing stations when we do not need to load in bags or that we do not need to add thread spacers when we package the tray/sheet metal fittings with flat surfaces. In addition, the goods need not be covered in the loading or transportation when it is raining or snowing. As I understand it, we are the first in the Nordic countries that use this type of product, and in view of how our climatic conditions are up here in the Nordic countries need absolute this protection so that we can deliver excellent products to our customers, throughout the year, says Mikael Lindh