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We can make every step of your hot dip galvanizing process more efficient with improved environment, higher quality and lower costs

About Us

Hot dip galvanizing technology is developed through increasing demands on quality, economy, environment and working conditions. During our 30 years long experience in the industry we have managed to develop a product range based on modern chemistry and best available technology.

The intention with our carefully developed product range is to satisfy the increasing demands on each step in the process. By meeting and exceeding these demands we stay ahead of the industry in terms of sustainability and new technology.

Together with our sister company Gimeco we are ready to partner up with your galvanizing industry and provide everything you need in your process.

Our expertise includes process design, pre-treatment products, waste reduction, best available equipment and support in making your process the greenest it can be by implementing our closed loop systems.

Efficient Manufacturing


We increase efficiency in your process and give you a higher profit. We provide both the equipment and products and you can focus on manufacturing


Increased quality does not only provide a beautiful product. Savings in the process are also achieved by less after treatment and reruns of goods


Our processes and products meet the highest standards for industrial and environmental safety. Our closed loop systems will decrease your waste production

Our Products

Our portfolio of chemical products consists of carefully developed degreasers, additives, flux chemicals and white rust protection. All designed specifically for the hot-dip galvanizing industry

Flux regeneration systems keep the iron contents in your process bath at a low level. The lifetime of the bath is increased, and the consumption of chemicals can be kept at a minimum

The Recyclean Biological Degreasing system consists of an efficient degreasing bath with a consistent low oil content and a separator for the inorganic waste, such as sand and dirt 

Read our full brochure to get the full picture of what we could do for you. We have everything from pre-treatment products to waste separation equipment

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